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things to do

things to do:

-brush my teeth like now
-also sleep, like now
-read east of eden
-read all those essays for apeng
-read my fucking apush textbook
-write my fucking apush essay
-plan the minicon
-revise stuff for jsa
-figure out what i need to bring on my big trip
-get an extreme makeover, like a new face or something
-tan more
-buy clothes for school
-buy grey cons
-go to spain sometime in the next year
-do my ap calc assignment
-bask in the glow of life without marching band
-buy on the strength of all convinced cuz i mean i limewired the whole thing duh but i feel bad cuz its illegal and plus i want to buy it and plus i want the hidden track
-oh and also snag a dld shirt cuz i couldnt go to the show cuz vivy went to asia and :(
-get tickets for john mayer trio
-get tickets for coldplay
-meet a boy at the shore
-meet a boy in general
-continue with my digital burn book-----oh its so sweet i take pictures of ppl i basically hate from myspace nd then draw mean things on them in psp. its pointless except for letting out my pent up frustration and madness. and because i have nothing better to do.
-have tons of fun with jill before she leaves
-not kill myself next week (uggh dont ask)
-or the week after when im stuck in my house for a week (again dont ask)
-get really really pumped for cali and figure out what i need to pack and make lists
-figure out when all my loversss are coming to stay a la playa
-ummmmmmmm idk. not be a waste of life

so there.
and the breakfast club...i cant decide if i like it or if its overrated????

and ummm this summer needs to go die. and come back from the dead and be better.


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Jul. 30th, 2005 01:03 pm (UTC)
julia! you're so lucky that you live in nj and thus have the ability to go to pton leadership symposia. don't kill yourself before august 16th, at least. and i think chris giliberti is going to be there too.
Jul. 31st, 2005 04:15 am (UTC)
in the words of vivek "what a mess" i havent really been around that much so i dont really know what's going on in the life of juls, but it does seem rather confusing. hope things get better, zuma's soon, so is symposium and cab retreat-feel better.
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